Alzheimer Symphony

Justus Neumann

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Creative Team

Performer Justus Neumann
Producer Tasmania Performs
Co-writers Justus Neumann & Hans Peter Horner
Director Hans Peter Horner
Designer Greg Methe
Orginal music Julius Schwing

Winner of six ‘Errols’ at 2015 Tasmanian Theatre Awards
Best Professional Production: Tasmania Performs
Best Professional Direction: Hans Peter Horner
Best Professional Original Work: Justus Neumann
Best Professional Performance (Male): Justus Neumann
Best Professional Writing: Justus Neumann and Hans Peter Horner
Special Judges Awards for Original Music Composition: Julius Schwing

Alzheimer Symphony is a mesmerising and moving theatrical tour de force that has emerged from an international collaboration between artists from Switzerland, Austria and Tasmania.

Amidst his daily routines, a famous actor tries to recall the lines to Shakespeare’s King Lear, but they are starting to escape him. He develops tricks to fight his forgetfulness as it follows him into every corner of his private life. He forgets the name of his sons, cannot recognise a picture of his mother, and when he finds a sock in his soup he eats it without questioning.

As his memory increasingly eludes him, he obstinately fights with all his might but is gradually left with no choice but to embrace his new reality. Important things become unimportant, feelings become stronger than thoughts and his inner child is revived.

This beautifully wrought solo performance from Justus Neumann, an artist who is a master of his craft, is largely played from a set-piece which has been brilliantly designed to surprise and delight the audience and is perfectly accompanied by a compelling score and an elegant lighting design. Together these elements mesh with Horner and Neumann’s touching and cheekily humorous script to create a riveting night of theatre.

..a masterful piece of theatre making” The Hobart Mercury


The Street, Canberra: 5 -8 May 2016
Review by Zsuzsanna Soboslay, RealTime Arts Magazine -June 2016

The Backspace Theatre Hobart 2015
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