2020 Artist Residency

Where the residency might take you and your idea 

Many residency project proposals have gone on to full creative development and production. Tasmania Performs actively seeks out collaborations with organisations to support residency artists. We have teamed up with the Moonah Arts Centre (MAC) who support up to three residency projects with inkind venue hire for a week for self funded creative development. Past recipients have included Sinsa Mansell’s solo dance work BlACK, which will premier in a major festival in 2021. 

Other projects supported in their development and production include;

Hera Direen and Ana Thema’s  Drag Queen Murder Mystery Anna Kidd on her show That Parking Lady with Dramaturg Peter Matheson. Anna recently completed a creative development with Director Maude Davey and Musician Craig Irons working towards a premier production.

Helen Swain brought her solo work Who Cares to the residency and has gone on to work with Director Care McLean which was scheduled to tour in 2020 but has been postponed due to covid. 

Jordy Gregg has worked on his first script Park Days. Jordy went on to be selected to participate in New Zealand’s Breaking Ground and Yellamundie as part of the 2019 Sydney Festival to further develop this work and has just received further funding from Tim Minchin, The Australia Council and Arts Tasmania.

The Tarraleah Residency has been working with palawa/pakana artists for a number of years and during the residency supports them with specialist Aboriginal mentors.

In 2020 we will work with Blue Cow Theatre to support a curated residency opportunity for Tasmanian playwrights, with a solid first draft, to further finesse their work ready for the stage. 

Past participant testimonials 

(The residency) connects artists from the north to the south. It broadens the scope of thinking. It creates a concentrated environment to explore an idea. It opens up new connections to bring in to your project. It generates important discussions of the wider arts community & local arts. It gives artists a chance to meet with someone / several people who they look up to in their industry and have multiple chats which would otherwise never exist. ~ Bec Jones 2018

I went to the residency to push myself out if my confort zone by starting Les Petites Annonces with Edith Perrenot. We both arw new to theatre rules, and we learnt a lot. It was very challenging and confronting to test our project in front of everyone but we felt safe and positively criticised. Concerning my ongoing practice, this residency was highly relevant because the discussion and workshops with other artists and mentors were very encouraging and will help me to push my personal practice more deeply into performance with less apprehension of the stage fear.
The availability and conversation with the mentors were precious because they took time to listen to us, analize how they could help us with their knowledge and networks. Being exposed to them also forced us to articulate more what we wanted.
 ~ Julia Drouhin 2018

 (The Residency) has given the project a clear pathway forward so that it will progress not just stay as an idea. It helps clarify your focus as an individual artist and what your strengths are.~Kirsty Grierson 2017 

 How refreshing to be surrounded by colleagues all at different stages in their careers as well as their project formations. I didn’t sense any ego or competition between participants or anyone else, and perhaps it was this diversity and the fact that the art itself was never in question, it was taken for granted that everyone there would take what they had grown on the weekend and bring their own practice to the project to the best of their ability.~ Rachel Myers 2017

 The residency has really impacted our understanding of how we should move forward strategically with our project, introduced us to some wonderful artists in Tasmania and it has given us a network to call on to start making the next stage real.  The mentors were incredibly generous with there time and the advice and questions they offered. Being exposed to the mentors has put us in contact with some really exciting artists to collaborate with as well as reconsidering some of our approaches in constructing the work itself.
~Caitlin Comerford 2016 

 My ideas are usually very scattered so having a weekend to describe my idea to a wider audience and to have assistance in refining and narrowing down what i wanted to do was a really valuable experience. It has especially changed the way I think about approaching new projects and has already started me thinking of next year.  Meeting such a diverse group of experienced mentors has helped me to create and envision works that not only satisfy me as a performer but to also reach an audience, how to experiment outside of the norm and opened a wider world of people to contact for this project and possible future ones.
~Zeb Direen 2016 

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